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The Dead Rabbit Irish Whiskey 5 year old
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The Dead Rabbit Irish Whiskey 5 year old


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Category Irish Whiskey
Region Ireland
Brand The Dead Rabbit
When it comes to whiskey, wood matters. We use two types: firstly, we age our whiskey in old, seasoned bourbon casks. This lends a distinctly American accent to an Irish story. We then finish Dead Rabbit Irish Whiskey in small, specially made, first-fill American oak barrels. The smaller the barrel, the better the whiskey-to-wood ratio. The result is real depth and depth and character over a lingering note of bourbon vanilla sweetness. A unique five-year-old blend of Irish malt and grain whiskey finished in half-sized, specially crafted virgin American oak barrels. crafted by world renowned whiskey expert and Master Distiller, Darryl McNally. Appearance: Dark golden honey. Nose: Rich overtones of bourbon and vanilla. Taste: Irish Whiskey heart, with a burst of bourbon vanilla attitude. Finish: A long vanilla finish.